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JHOCHHEN ( Old Freak Street )

Old Freak Street, commonly known as Freak Street is tucked away at the edge of Kathmandu's shopping and historical center of New Road and Basantapur Durbar Square. This is the almost mythical magnet for hippies and other social deviants of the 1960s. This was the original center of the city for outsiders to the Nepalese culture, and it gained a reputation as being a place to find enlightenment. Many trekkers and spiritual explorers gathered there to find exotic encounters and try alternative lifestyles.




North Face of Freak Street


North - 1960's                                     North - 1979's


As by the sands of time, as inevitable is Change, we may also call it transformation, and the need of change in the perception of the place Freak Street was greatly felt and it is been proposed that the name Freak Street be converted into Old Freak Street, just for a change.

South Of Old Freak Street



In general, the term ĎFreakí could mean nothing but just an abnormality, and usually constitutes attribution of insanity and itís social impact is always found to be negative.





East Of Old Freak Street


This ancient street which was named as Freak Street, after the hippiesí and as many revellers' outrageous influx to the place almost four and half decade ago, is now being renamed as Old Freak Street, since the place is not anymore like it used to be back then and on the other side, over the decades of time the place has lost its originality and authenticity and is still developing in tortoise pace despite of many ups and downs, sociopolitical boundaries and hindrances. And, hopefully, this will also convey to our younger generations to be cautious that they are not licensed to just freak-out because it is Freak Street, giving them the positive message. Being the very old town of the Kathmandu valley, this particular street is also known as Jhochhen (the houses in a single row) in Newari as itís traditional name.


Hashish shop Kathmandu 1973Today, some active groups of local youth, ( Jhochhen Community Development Committee, Lakasa Mhalashala Pucha, Green Square Tourism Council) and some like-minded individuals have initiated and taken up the responsibility to preserve the place and make it a better place for all, a comfort Zone specifically for the Tourists. 









Old Freak Street humbly welcomes all the people from different walks of life and people from all the nooks and corners of the World. Letís hope this street will measure and reach a NEW dimension of success keeping up with the legacy when the OLD is prefixed to its new name.


South Face of Freak Street

South Of Old Freak Street



North Of Freak Street 2005's


Local Youth's Social Groups:

Jhochhen Samudayek Tole Sudhar Sameeti
( A Community Development Group)

Lakasa Mhalashala Pucha
( An Environment Conservation Group)

Olympus Club
( A Community Development Group)

Green Square Tourism Council
( A Tourism Development Group)

Freak Street Free Entrance Location Map

(Map not in scale)


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